Hunter Information

Welcome, hunters!

Thank you for participating in the Back To School Hat Hunt. The hat designers have worked hard to make sure this hunt is enjoyable and we know you will wear the hunt prizes with pride.

We  encourage you to respect the designers who create unique offerings for you by following these simple rules:
* Don't cheat. Follow the hint and search around the store until you find the hunt object.
* Encourage others to join the hunt, but don't give away where the hunt objects are.
* Most importantly, take a look around the shop. See what else the designer has to offer--maybe
you'll even want to create a landmark for the store or buy something else. Some designers offer special sales during a hunt for you to take advantage of.   
​* Enjoy!

Back To School Slurls & Hints

Hint - Bill's favourite tool
Hint - Gettin' ready to rumble.

Hint - Take a seat at the desk
Hint - The Hunt Hints will tell you where to go. Of this, I know.
#5 (Adult Sim)
Hint - I'm with my own kind.
Store not available. Please skip store
Hint - Dragons Frame your  chalkboard ! 
Hint - I spy (first-graders)... from the window upstairs!
Hint - Don't trip on me going up.
Hint - Kids really prefer lockers with locks
Hint - She does not have a head, so I will sit at her feet instead
Hint - I wish I could Join a Group!!!
"I hope my gift suits your palette as well as it does mine"
Hint - Chapeau is the coolest Hat shop Right? Find your prize where its been held tight.
Hint - Don't sit on it!
Hint - hat designer can live without hat boxes?
Hint - I love reading a good book.
Does this hat make my antlers look big?
I love music in school!
Hint - There is also a 2nd floor…